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The whole concept is founded just on two questions. And that’s all we need to design you the favorable space that you desire for

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These are the questions that inspired the creation of n.o.d. We believe that every little space has a potential to shine. We also believe in the simplest sense of creativity in creating a big, impressive change. We create products that not only fulfill the needs of a space, but will also ultimately solve the problem and provide a pleasurable user experience every time.

What is a
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This has indeed led to the creation of our decorative art panels and wall art designs. These simple decorative pieces are essential items in interior design today, especially when space and budget have become one of the main concerns, be it for residential or commercial projects. n.o.d utilises high quality, international-standard materials and explores cutting edge designs that appeal to a diverse market segmentation. From privacy screens to room dividers and cabinetry and furniture decoration to name a few, our decorative pieces create mini “art installations” that breathe soul into a space, making it special.

The n.o.d Logo

n.o.d initially stands for “Novelty One Deserves”. However, after playing around with the letters n.o.d, we came up with a lot of different options that speak of the fun and playful nature of the brand too. Through the bold and youthful colour combination of the logo, n.o.d represents itself as a user-friendly brand that is fun, energetic, creative and innovative.


We used to serve commercial projects and right now we want to bring this concept to end user, so everyone can own a better house without hassle


We are on a mission to improve living lifestyle with simple art pieces. The beauty of an accent price is that it complements your space either with the mixture of crafts, storytelling, science or even your own philosophies. Our ultimate objective is to create products that can delight you with excitement, joy or even leave your guests in awe to the masterpiece of your life experience

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